Foreman Core Triage #1



First attempt at a Foreman Core triage. See Core triage, round two for details, and we’ll work out the process as we go.

Scheduled for 30 mins but I expect we’ll run over the first few times :slight_smile:

(I’ve enabled RSVP just to try out the functionality. There’s no actual guest limit :P)

Core triage, round two

Update: We spent 30 minutes going over open high+ priority bugs with no release set (see We went down from 32 such issues to 25, by either reducing priority or setting target release.
One challenge we had was not having anyone from @vmware team, although many of the issues seemed to be vmware related, so we had trouble understanding the impact of these issues - if you folks could take a look at the list and try to update the relevant issues that would be awesome.
Another issue was that 1.18 is pretty far along the release process, so committing to much more changes was difficult - it would have been better had we started this earlier so that we could better prioritize which issues should be addressed in the RC stage.
Last, the timing wasn’t great for me or any of the TLV office, as it fell on lunch time. Would be better for us to make it an hour earlier if possible next time.


Thanks @tbrisker for hosting! I can go earlier, if @Ori_Rabin lets me :stuck_out_tongue: - how’s that for everyone else? Here’s a quick poll for it, closing this week before I create next week’s triage :slight_smile:

  • Yes, earlier is fine
  • No, can’t make that

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@tbrisker If you can do it during NA hours I can make it and help identify the issues. I will start to look at the issues though and update accordingly.


Perhaps we should alternate? The core overlapping hours of NA and EU are solid with back-toback meetings for most of us already, so maybe one week EU, next week NA is a better model…


Considering most Foreman core developers are in European time zones, I’m not sure how well NA hours will work, and like @Gwmngilfen said- the overlapping hours are usually pretty full with other meeting. That said, we can try to find a time in the overlap hours at least once a few weeks so that NA developers can also take part.
For now, lets create an event for this week’s triage at one hour earlier then last week, and try to figure out a time that works in the overlap for the week after that.