Foreman Deep Dives - Telemetry in Foreman with Lukáš Zapletal - Wed 21 Mar 2pm [GMT]

Rails internal telemetry was recently added into Foreman Core, in this demo Lukáš Zapletal is going to configure and show how to integrate Foreman with Prometheus. The next part will cover all currently exported metrics, how to read them and utilize for finding bottlenecks. In the last part, he is gonna show how to add your own telemetry data into core or plugins.

If you have questions or comments, please ask on the forum, in the comments below, or join us on IRC for a real-time chat!

Blog: Foreman :: Foreman Blog
IRC: Freenode/#theforeman
Twitter: @ForemanProject

If you guys have questions, please put them here so I can prepare detailed answers or show these particular things directly.

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