Foreman Discovery 2.0 relased (compatible w/ F-1.7)

Dear foremen,

Foreman Discovery 2.0.0 hits our 1.7 stable plugin repositories. It is
only compatible with Foreman 1.7.

New features (discovery plugin 2.0):

  • automatic provisioning based on rules
  • support for new discovery image 2.1
  • UI enhancements
  • API documentation via APIPIE
  • new CLI hammer plugin
  • new reboot option
  • bugfixes
  • foreman proxy plugin (tech preview)

New features (image 2.1):

  • ZIP-based extensions
  • improved discovery-debug script
  • indirect communication via foreman proxy plugin

Installation instructions and configuration:

There were changes in the PXELinux template options for the new image.
Read the installation docs to make sure you have all components set.

There is a component that acts as a man in the middle between Foreman
instance and discovered hosts. All the communication is handled by this
little proxy plugin so no direct connection is required anymore. We
deliver this as a "tech preview" with some limitations (no https
support). See the document to find more information.

There were not enough changes in the translations due to late resource
update for 2.0. There are many new strings, translators please head over
to Transifex to finish translations and we will push out a minor update
once we collect more updates.

Thank you

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal