Foreman Discovery Image 3.3.1 release

Hello everyone,

with Foreman 1.14 approaching, we are giving out updated FDI version 3.3.1.
This will be followed by Foreman Discovery 7.1, but version 7.0.x is
compatible with Foreman 1.14 and fully supported.

There are no changes from 3.2 other than this was build against CentOS 7.3
and Foreman 1.14 and also the embedded MD5 in the ISO file is not correct,
so when booting via Grub2 (UEFI hosts), it is no longer necessary to select
option without "Fdi no media check".

It's a bit bigger in size, perhaps new dependencies in CentOS 7.3.

ยทยทยท -- Later, Lukas @lzap Zapletal