Foreman Discovery Image 3.5.2 RC




new build of FDI is finally available at

This is mostly bugfix release, lot of work was done around preventing kexec from freezing. MS Hyper-V drivers are now present so FDI can be also booted on this hypervisor. New option fdi.dhcp_sendhost=true can be used to force FDI to send DHCP hostname. And new option fdi.script allows executing base64-encoded arbitrary shell scripts via kernel command line (!) which can be used to implement various workarounds. Recommended by 9/10 hackers.

The new build is compatible with Foreman 1.16+ and Satellite 6.3+ and it’s been built from fresh CentOS 7.5 with updates until today.

Full list of changes:

  • SYSLINUX/Grub2 kernel command line contains nomodeset to prevent issues with kexec and VGA drivers
  • added Hyper-V drivers (#107)
  • fdi.dhcp_sendhost=true option added
  • small cracklib dictionary is in use
  • more unused linux drivers dropped
  • remaster no longer needs root
  • added fdi.script option (#101)