Foreman:- Error downloading kickstart file

Hi Foreman Team,

I am getting error (“Error downloading kickstart file”) while provisiong the bare metal host for RHEL os.

but able to get spoof fine from browser

OS provision

Foreman 1.9.3

Foreman proxy 1.9.3

As it tells about a 500 Internal Server Error, it should be able to reach foreman and you should see some error message in /var/log/foreman/production.log.

Hi Dirk,

I am getting this logs only.

tail -f /var/log/foreman/production.log | grep -i

2018-12-07 01:17:02 [app] [I] Found
2018-12-07 01:17:02 [sql] [I] Remove puppet certificate for
2018-12-07 01:17:06 [app] [I] Found
2018-12-07 01:17:06 [sql] [I] Remove puppet certificate for

Enable debug logging, restart, try again. Paste the whole transaction from the beginning to end (use our formatting buttons please). This log looks like pretty old Foreman version, which one is it?

Hi lzap,

thanks for replying, Yeah you are right it’s very old version of foreman. but luckily this issue has been resolved 30 min back once REPO server had an issue earlier, I am totally confused how that related with REPO server?