Foreman GUI performance and DB Tuning

Hello Folks,

Foreman version – 2.1.0
OS distribution – Centos 7
CPU core - 8 cores
Memory - 8 GB, Swap Mem - 8 GB

We have onboarded 3000 systems to the foreman right now. If we run remote execution against 600 hosts, Foreman GUI got crashed, unable to access GUI.
*How to do performance tuning to run foreman smoother? If yes ,how can we do it?
*What could be the configuration changes required?
*Any ssh connections for remote execution should be increased? If yes where to increase those?
*Any hardware like cpu,memory upgradation required?
We are going to add another 30K systems in next month, Could you please suggest accordingly to tune the foreman server and postgresql db?

Thanks in advance


Red Hat Satellite 6 performance team maintains some numbers for the latest version of Satellite which is roughly your Foreman version. Depending on the plugins and backend systems, your mileage may vary but definitely it is worth taking a look:

You definitely need more memory. You need to investigate why Rails process crashed, usually this is because memory otherwise you would still be able to connect but it would load indefinitely (when overloaded with requests).

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@lzap – Thanks a lot for your time. Let us walk through the shared link and tune our foreman server and get back to you with results.