Foreman HA/standby Setup docs?


Wasn’t sure where this should go, so apologies in advance if I posted in the wrong category.

Im looking to setup some kind of HA redundancy with my foreman main instance. The ideal situation would be the main instance in DC1 and a standby/failover copy in DC2. If DC1 was to fall off the earth, DC2 could be failed over to (totally fine if this is a manual process). Then when DC1 comes back, switching back and still have DC2 as standby once again. To redirect traffic, it would be a simple DNS change for the foreman.mydomain.lan address to point to the other side.

I have looked around quite a bit and found some old docs somewhat related, but non that go into any real detail on the ‘how’ to get it done exactly.

Has anyone been able to setup something like this in their environment? Are there any docs that I’m just missing in my quest?

My setup would be pretty straight forward, with Foreman 3.2 with puppet7, ansible plugins, and remote execution. Also would want a few foreman-proxy instances along with each master to handle load in both DC1 and DC2.

Thanks in advance.