Foreman has psql12 hardcoded?

Hello guys, we are useing foreman with katello for patching our enviroment. The security team alerted us, foreman is using pgsql12, but it has end of life soon. Is there any guid or help thing how can we upgrade the pgsql12 to 14 or higher? Do you have any solution for this?

Expected outcome:
Upgrade guide for pgsql12 to 14
Foreman and Proxy versions:
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currently, Postgres 12 is the only supported version for Katello, that is correct.
Though, since you are using Katello, I assume you are on some EL/RHEL derivate, which means that Postgres 12 should be maintained by your distribution. If you are on RHEL, you can see here that Postgres 12 will be supported by RedHat until the end of the RHEL8 lifecycle. I am not sure about Alma, Rocky, etc, but since those distros claim is that they are 100% compatible to RHEL, I would assume they have the same policy.

So, even though Postgres 12 might be EOL soon upstream, RedHat or your distribution will continue to support it.

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And we are discussing the update, but with everything Ruby & NodeJS going on it’s something for a bit later. We will need to on EL9 because that doesn’t ship PG 12.