Foreman host provisioning on the different subnet with external DHCP

Hello everyone,

So far I was playing with Foreman provisioning within only one network in
which Foreman was configured as the DHCP server. Everything is working
fine, IP addresses are assigned and the network (PXE boot) provisioning
works just great.

Now comes the question, if I want to play with it seriously, I need to have
the possibility of provisioning hosts to many networks, not only the one
the Foreman is installed in. In particular, I’m interested in the scenario
where I am able to provision the hosts in the network, where there is
another DHCP server running. Is this possible? Of course, routing is in
place and the Foreman is capable of reaching the other network.

If so, can someone provide me with the quick how to or link to the proper

Thanks in advance!