Foreman Host Status - Warning Status - Unknown config status

The Host Status turns to Warn - Unknown config status for all hosts. Have been trying to locate something in the logs to point to the issue, but am coming up with nothing to go on.
Expected outcome:
Puppet does run and updates Foreman from all Hosts. Expecting this to stay green and not toss a Warning
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Name Description Author Version
foreman-tasks The goal of this plugin is to unify the way of showing task statuses across the Foreman instance. It defines Task model for keeping the information about the tasks and Lock for assigning the tasks to resources. The locking allows dealing with preventing multiple colliding tasks to be run on the same resource. It also optionally provides Dynflow infrastructure for using it for managing the tasks. Ivan Nečas 6.0.2
foreman_ansible Ansible integration with Foreman Daniel Lobato Garcia 7.1.0
foreman_dhcp_browser Plugin for Foreman to browse and add/edit/delete DHCP leases independent of Foreman’s host creation Ohad Levy 0.0.8
foreman_discovery MaaS Discovery Plugin engine for Foreman Aditi Puntambekar, alongoldboim, Alon Goldboim, amirfefer, Amit Karsale, Amit Upadhye, Amos Benari, Avi Sharvit, Bryan Kearney, bshuster, Daniel Lobato, Daniel Lobato Garcia, Daniel Lobato García, Danny Smit, David Davis, Djebran Lezzoum, Dominic Cleal, Dominik Matoulek, Eric D. Helms, Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden, Frank Wall, Greg Sutcliffe, ChairmanTubeAmp, Ido Kanner, imriz, Imri Zvik, Ivan Nečas, Jan Matusz, John Mazzie, Joseph Mitchell Magen, June Zhang, kgaikwad, Lars Berntzon, ldjebran, Leos Stejskal, Lukas Zapletal, Lukáš Zapletal, Marek Hulan, Marek Hulán, MariaAga, Martin Bačovský, Matt Jarvis, Michael Moll, Nick, odovzhenko, Ohad Levy, Ondrej Prazak, Ondřej Ezr, Ori Rabin, orrabin, Partha Aji, Petr Chalupa, Phirince Philip, Rahul Bajaj, Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch, Ron Lavi, Scubafloyd, Sean O’Keeffe, Sebastian Gräßl, Shimon Shtein, Shlomi Zadok, Stephen Benjamin, Swapnil Abnave, Thomas Gelf, Timo Goebel, Tomas Strych, Tom Caspy, Tomer Brisker, and Yann Cézard 21.0.1
foreman_host_reports Fast and efficient reporting capabilities Lukas Zapletal 1.0.2
foreman_kubevirt Provision and manage Kubevirt Virtual Machines from Foreman. Moti Asayag 0.1.9
foreman_openscap Foreman plug-in for managing security compliance reports 5.2.2
foreman_puppet Allow assigning Puppet environments and classes to the Foreman Hosts. Ondřej Ezr and Shira Maximov 4.0.1
foreman_remote_execution A plugin bringing remote execution to the Foreman, completing the config management functionality with remote management functionality. Foreman Remote Execution team 7.1.0
foreman_snapshot_management Foreman-plugin to manage snapshots in a virtual-hardware environments. ATIX AG 2.0.1
foreman_statistics Statistics and Trends for Foreman gives users overview of their infrastructure. Ondrej Ezr 2.0.1
foreman_templates Engine to synchronise provisioning templates from GitHub Greg Sutcliffe 9.3.0

Distribution and version:
Foreman 3.3 on CentOS 7
Other relevant data:

I have kept digging at this in my free time and have found a couple additional clues - however I have no clue what the actually mean:

In the Web UI under Host Status Overview I have this:

I turned up foreman logging to debug and find these messages in the production.log:

2022-08-09T10:35:08 [D|app|90b39536] Body: {“status_label”:“Unknown config status”,“status”:-65536}

Then further down:

2022-08-09T10:39:46 [D|app|4d778ef9] Body: {
4d778ef9 | “total”: 2,
4d778ef9 | “subtotal”: 2,
4d778ef9 | “page”: 1,
4d778ef9 | “per_page”: 99,
4d778ef9 | “search”: null,
4d778ef9 | “sort”: {
4d778ef9 | “by”: null,
4d778ef9 | “order”: null
4d778ef9 | },
4d778ef9 | “results”: [{“name”:“Build”,“description”:null,“ok_total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+pending+OR+build_status+%3D+built",“ok_owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+pending+OR+build_status+%3D+built%29",“warn_total_path”:null,“warn_owned_path”:null,“error_total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+token_expired+OR+build_status+%3D+build_failed",“error_owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+token_expired+OR+build_status+%3D+build_failed%29",“details”:[{“label”:“Pending installation”,“global_status”:0,“total”:9,“owned”:9,“total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+pending",“owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+pending%29"},{“label”:“Installed”,“global_status”:0,“total”:0,“owned”:0,“total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+built",“owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+built%29"},{“label”:“Token expired”,“global_status”:2,“total”:0,“owned”:0,“total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+token_expired",“owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+token_expired%29"},{“label”:“Installation error”,“global_status”:2,“total”:0,“owned”:0,“total_path”:"/hosts?search=build_status+%3D+build_failed",“owned_path”:"/hosts?search=owner+%3D+current_user+AND+%28build_status+%3D+build_failed%29"}]},{“name”:“Configuration”,“description”:null,“ok_total_path”:null,“ok_owned_path”:null,“warn_total_path”:null,“warn_owned_path”:null,“error_total_path”:null,“error_owned_path”:null,“details”:[{“label”:"Missing label for status -65536",“global_status”:null,“total”:11,“owned”:11,“total_path”:null,“owned_path”:null}]}]
4d778ef9 | }
4d778ef9 |

What is status 65536? How would you set a label for it? I am not sure if this is a clue with my issue of the Unknown Config Status Warning or not - but it seems related.

I am having the exact same issue and would like to understand this too and how to remove the warning.

I finally got to the bottom of this one - for me this was a result of the Hosts Reports plugin having issues, Which I have removed - it is being deprecated. The thread on this is at /api/hosts generates an error