Foreman importing Puppet Module not working

Problem: I installed puppet Module and Foreman isn’t importing it.

Expected outcome: "No changes to your environments detected"

Foreman version: 2.4

executed commands:
#puppet module install puppetlabs-sshkeys_core
#puppet module list
├── puppetlabs-sshkeys_core (v2.2.0)
├── vim_pkg (???)

Next I clicked in Foreman I clicked “import environments from…” and i got “No changes to your environments detected”
I wrote an class to install vim and this class in same path is successfully imported…

Any Ideas?

This module does not contain any class, but only provides a resource type, so it is ignored by Foreman as you can not directly assign it and it makes no sense for Foreman as ENC to show this class.

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Okay, that makes sence