Foreman install windows, Winpe cannot find IP address can't find interface

When i use foreman install windows , I find the host The network card is not recognized, but the IP assigned by the TFTP server is recognized. What’s the matter?

Hey test12,

from my experience I would say that the WindowsPE is missing the network drivers. Did you add additional drivers when creating the image or did you already debug in this direction?

Maybe you can tell us more about the Foreman version you are using and how you set up your environment to better understand your problem.

I use 3.0 foerman version

I add standard SATA AHCI controller in boot.wim

My virtual machine is in vSphere client

Have a look at Microsofts HowTo about to add Drivers to WindowsPE WinPE: Mount and Customize | Microsoft Docs

And here a older HowTo extract VMWare Drivers How to find and extract VMWare ESXi drivers | just another windows noob ?

Hope that helps

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ok!Thanks! I will look these links!

In the vSphere client I have selected the current adapter as vmxnet3 .Does it mean that there is already a relevant network card driver?