Foreman installation and configuration support (oracle Linux 8.9)

Support installing and configuring Foreman on Oracle Linux 8.9

I need a system to update packages and manage my servers based on Oracle Linux 7 and 8 distributions, I found interesting the solution that Foreman offers!
But I need a support to implement it in my environment.

Is there any official documentation for foreman?

Thanks to the community if you can help me!

Hi @luciano.arruda

We have documentation on how to install and use Foreman+Katello: Installing Foreman nightly Server with Katello nightly Plugin on RHEL/CentOS. After you have successfully setup your Foreman+Katello instance, you’ll most likely want to have a look at the three following guides:

  1. Managing Content
  2. Provisioning Hosts
  3. Managing Hosts

If you need commercial support, please have a look at Professional Services.

Hi @maximilian

Thanks for the feedback.
I will configure and then in the 3 topics mentioned!