Foreman-installer and katello

This question maybe a FAQ but I couldn’t find any definitive answer on it.
Is it possible to install katello over an existing deployment of foreman ?

To make things interesting, this question is splits in 3 sub-questions :

  1. taking over a manual install.
    Our install is old and done by hand with the foreman yum repostories. Is it possible to switch to foreman-installer without reinstalling everything ?

  2. adding katello:
    Since we installed foreman, we went over different tools to manage local repository synchronisation. Latest and greatest plan is to deploy a pulp3. The only frontend usable for now since to be katello. We don’t really want to scratch our instance to resintall it (it manages over 3k instances). Is the deployment of katello over an existing instance of foreman supported ? I saw a topic about it here. However the thread seems not to be conclusive. Did the state of katello deployment improved since 2018 ?

  3. load-balancing multiple instance of foreman : is the foreman-installer able to manage a complete architecture of several instances of foreman ?

This is, in a supported and well known way, not possible. There are potential strategies to achieve this but it does require understanding the caveats, the primary ones being:

  1. If you are using nested organizations, you have to untangle this by removing them
  2. You will have to re-do the certificates in use
  3. The smart-proxy port will change (minor detail but worth noting)

If you were to attempt it, you’d want to take a backup, clone your setup and test, test, test it.

This is not supported when using Katello.

Which is not supported in load-balancing ?
The kattelo part ?
The candlepin ?

We do not support putting multiple Foreman with Katello servers behind a load-balancer, we only support having a single instance of the server.

Foreman Proxy with content can be put behind a load-balancer with clients connecting to the load-balancer and the Foreman Proxies connecting back to Foreman.