foreman-installer-develop-package-release 1015 failed

foreman-installer package release pipeline failed:

I don’t quite understand this:

[2021-12-24T03:14:16.933Z] F, [2021-12-24T03:14:16.667479 #1745336] FATAL -- : Unable to continue because of: data type not recognized Variant[

With this patch it becomes easier to understand where it comes from:

Unable to parse /home/ekohl/dev/foreman-installer/_build/modules/foreman/manifests/init.pp because of: data type not recognized Variant[

However, the only change since yesterday is:

This shouldn’t affect it, but it does.

It looks like the error message is misleading. It looks like it fails to parse Stdlib::IP::Address. That internally uses Variant but over multiple lines.

This may be a variant of Bug #21398: Struct handling broken - Kafo - Foreman which in fact has a duplicate that describes exactly this case: Bug #29505: Using Stdlib data types breaks Variant - Kafo - Foreman.

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I opened a PR:

Currently things are broken due to Psych 4 which should be addressed first.