Foreman-installer-katello conflicts with python3-pulpcore


Just done a “yum clean all ; yum update” on my Foreman/Katello VM (2.5.1/4/1.0) to check without wanting to apply but I’m getting this

→ Processing Conflict: 1:foreman-installer-katello-2.5.2-3.el7.noarch conflicts python3-pulpcore < 3.14
→ Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: foreman-installer-katello conflicts with python3-pulpcore-3.11.2-1.el7.noarch

You have to follow the upgrade instructions to update from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1, in particular update the katello repos package because of the upgrade from pulpcore 3.11 to 3.14.

However, I would recommend to wait for at least 4.1.2 because of a couple of serious bugs in 4.1.1.

I’m using:

Why would we have breaking upgrades on minor releases?

Also my main Foreman/Katello server is on 2.5.1/4.1.0 and another foreman smart proxy on 2.5.1
Now using the same repos I’m trying to set up another Foreman Smart Proxy and it’s pulling Foreman 2.5.2 so that’ll cause a mismatch? Or is that going to be ok?

Foreman has two repositories (foreman, foreman-plugins). Katello has 3 repositories (katello, katello-candlepin, pulpcore). You only mention the main ones.

4.1.0 uses pulpcore 3.11. 4.1.1+ uses pulpcore 3.14. If you are using the repo rpms foreman-release and katello-repos updating those first and the everything else should do the job, too.

4.1.2 for el7 is in the repositories already. It has not been announced, yet, though. I have updated my foreman/katello servers/proxies to 4.1.2 and it resolved most of my problems.

I don’t think the pulpcore el8 repository has everything right now. So if you were using katello on el8 you would have to wait…

If you install another foreman proxy using the latest repositories on el7 you should be safe.

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Ok I see what you mean.
I’ve installed the latest:

I can see in the Katello.repo it’s now


However on my Foreman/Katello server doing a:

yum clean all ; yum update

still generates

--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: tfm-rubygem-katello-4.1.2-1.el7.noarch (katello)
           Requires: tfm-rubygem(foreman-tasks-core) <= 0.3.5
           Removing: tfm-rubygem-foreman-tasks-core-0.3.5-1.fm2_5.el7.noarch (@foreman-plugins)
               tfm-rubygem(foreman-tasks-core) = 0.3.5
           Updated By: tfm-rubygem-foreman-tasks-core-0.3.6-1.fm2_5.el7.noarch (foreman-plugins)
               tfm-rubygem(foreman-tasks-core) = 0.3.6
 You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
 You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

Well, that’s a different problem. There seems to be a new version of tfm-rubygem-foreman-tasks-core available since yesterday. You can open a new topic for this error if you want. I don’t know what went wrong there or why there is a new version of foreman-tasks-core all of a sudden.

For the time being, I think you can ignore it. I have 0.3.5 running just fine. Run “yum update --skip-broken”. That should allow you to update everything to 4.1.2. Then continue with the usual upgrade steps: stop foreman services and then run foreman-installer. I hope that runs through. Possibly it complains about not being able to do a “yum update” which would be O.K. this time.

Old thread, but this should be known and added to the documentation.
At least I did not find it.

You need first to update repos with:
yum update foreman-release katello-repos

After that clean the cached files:
yum clean all

Now the update works.