Foreman + Jfrog Integration for Docker images

I am successful in publishing a docker content view (Docker images synced up with Redhat registry) and was able to pull the images from a host machine using the published URL by foreman.

My requirement is, I don’t want the host machine to directly pull the images from foreman server, instead, I want Jfrog artifactory to be in between foreman server and the host machine.

I am trying to create an artifact in JFrog, which is a remote Docker artifactory pointing to the foreman server and the host will pull the images from the artifactory.

Below are some of my doubts:

  1. I am not sure what should be the URL that I should give in JFrog, to point to the foreman docker registry, from where I can pull the images filtered by a content view.
  2. What is the docker registry path in foreman server?

Please help if anyone had tried out the same!