Foreman Jira API integration?

Not so much of a problem more so a question regarding Foreman.

Can Foreman integrate with the JIRA API? I have been tasked to better manage, fix, and deploy or CentOS7 hosts and our CoreOS hosts-K8. I set Foreman and I am walking through the configuration to come up with a proof of concept for work. I was asked by management if Foreman can speak to our JIRA ticketing system. The end goal is when a CI is created for a host build, whether it’s for a CentOS VM or a COreOS-K8 installation, that if the CI is approved in Jira that it will kick off a build in Foreman.

Need some advice please. This is all very new to me. I am excited about automating these builds and having better configuration and life cycle management but I have never set one up from scratch. I have always worked in environment that had an already established working system for this type of thing.

Any advice or direction you could give me would be great.


As far as I know, there is no integration right now (but perhaps someone has done something similar before).
Foreman has a pluggable architecture, so you could create a plugin that integrates with Jira and does what you wish. Another option is to have Jira trigger a script that calls the Foreman API or CLI with the needed parameters to create the requested host.
In both cases, you would need to look into the Jira side to see how to trigger an external action when the ticket is approved.