Foreman/Katello deployment

Hi everyone, Could you share with me, which version Foreman/Katello you are using in production environment? Right now i am using F2.3/K3.18 on CentOS 7 and testing F3.0/K4.2 one the same os version. Another think what i want to test is use the Postgresql12 + Zalando/Patroni HA cluster as a Foreman/Katello backend, what you are think about that?

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One thought does come to mind: I think the downstream products will move from K3.18 to K4.1, so you could consider mirroring that step since it will naturally receive a lot of testing and attention. Instead of going straight to K4.2 that is.

Thanks for reply, that’s make perfect sense, but what about the database backend. Is that worth to try with zalando/patroni or there are some limitations? Is a good idea move the pulpcore db to external host or better will be leave that on Foreman/Katello server and only move candlepin and foreman db to external node. The install docs talking only about that two, but i am curious about the reasons.

Since I have little experience about Foreman with HA and separate DB, I will just ping @Justin_Sherrill who may be able to help (or at least ping the right person).