Foreman/Katello Oracle Linux 8

More of a question than a problem. Is adding the subscription-manager package to Oracle Linux required for Katello? Or is there a method around this? Most of the information I found involved installing subscription-manager from centos repos.

Foreman 3.5.2
Katello 4.7.4

If you want your Oracle host to register with Katello (which is needed for 90% of Katello’s features), then you need to install subscription-manager on it. And yes, subscription-manager is not present in the Oracle Linux repos, but using the subscription-manager for some other EL8 variant on Oracle is generally known to work.

@quba42 Thanks for the confirmation!

I listed the URLs you can sync subscription-manager from here:

How do i register Oracle Linux version 7 without subscription-manager - Support - TheForeman

I also listed some packages that should probably be filtered out since Oracle packages things in such a way that their packages obsolete subscription manager (this was a huge pain in Oracle Linux 7 and I just kept doing it for Oracle Linux 8). I do not have a URL yet for Oracle Linux 9, but hopefully the individuals that package subscription-manager into these repositories take pity on us and do so for EL9.

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