Foreman/Katello support for the .deb packages


I would like to know, if there is any possibility to mange Debian/Ubuntu repositories within Foreman/Katello module?

Of course I am aware that Foreman is meant to be used mainly for rpm based packages but currently in our company we are still forced to use the .deb based packages and such a feature would definitely improve our productivity.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Has somebody already tried that?


@x9c4 and his colleagues have been working on this. As I understand it the basics should already be working but they still have a wish list (like errata).

Since 3.6 you can add deb repositories to your content views.

I’m not sure if features like repo discovery work though, @katello?

Foreman :: Plugin Manuals contains some of the actions you can do on deb repos through the API


So if I get it right, until I install Katello 3.6 I won’t have any support for the .deb packages?

Thanks for clarification!

As far as I know, there’s no other way