Foreman-katello withRedHat on AWS

Hello all,
First of all, sorry, my english is bad but I will try to be clear

I’ve an issue with Foreman on AWS with Redhat product. I didn’t find any solution after some hour of search but … probably someone can answer me

I’ve many many RedHat servers on AWS
On AWS , I pay my RH subscriptions with AWS.

  1. With Foreman/Katello, I’m not able to sync with the RH AWS REPOS, it seem to be working only by the hard coded / compile yum plugins
  2. If I sync on RH CDN, I need to have Red Hat subscriptions for my instances and if I dont have enough licence so I get error on many hosts
    Status => Error
    Subscription => Unentitled
  3. If I sync local the RH AWS Repos and I sync Katello on my local RH repos I get:
    Status => Error
    Subscription => Unentitled

Expected outcome:
What I would like expect is to get a “Status => Ok” because green is good and red is bad

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Hello, I am afraid AWS RHEL subscriptions are not compatible with RH CDN and thus Katello or Satellite. Reach out to your representative for more info, that would be either AWS or Red Hat. That is probably nothing Katello or Foreman can do about, it’s your subscription X509 certificate which will not be accepted by RH CDN network.

Thank you for your answer, i will ask to my aws and/or redhat representatives

Hi Dan,

Did you manage to work ? as i am in similar situation and would like to understand how you made it worked ?


Replicating The Redhat repository to on premise was my « solution »