Foreman-maintain git repo fixed in Redmine

It looks like foreman_maintain was force pushed to and our mirror script doesn’t like that. That caused it to be stuck for a while. I’ve reset it to the latest master which may explain a sudden wave of updates.

For the future: if you need to force push to a repo and are unlucky enough that our hourly sync script has already copied it, let me know so I can run the following command (with the correct commit ID).

git update-ref refs/heads/master b6b2581e7974c60c103c784d119ec5b9cf34c55f
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Sorry for inconvenience. IIRC, I have force pushed to the master branch 4/5 weeks before.
I understand that it is not good practice and I should avoid doing this.
But considering the corner cases, I will keep this in mind that whenever I need to force push I will let you know.
Thanks for letting me know and for pointing it to correct commit ID.

I should have noted the exact commit ID, but it was indeed around the end of December. You were pretty unlucky since it’s an hourly cron that copied the old ref. We haven’t dealt with this often enough to properly handle in our sync script.

No problem. At least I got to know the consequences of force push :slight_smile:
As you have already reset it to the correct commit ID, let me know if anything that I need to perform manually?

It should be all good now, but you may want to go over the issues that were closed. Activity - Foreman Maintain - Foreman has a list of them.