Foreman-maintain - Restore does not work

Restore with foreman-maintain does not work.

Expected outcome:
foreman-maintain restores foreman data from backup.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello 4.5.0

Distribution and version:
ALMA-Linux 8.6

Other relevant data:

did create a backup successfully with:
/bin/foreman-maintain backup offline -t 51200M /mnt/backup/

Now I want to restore the data, because the release notes mentioned, that it would be
a good idea to upgrade the system to EL8.

Installed the system with EL8, installed all the packages and started to restore our Foreman
foreman-maintain restore /mnt/backup/katello-backup-2022-09-06-13-57-52/

Well, it runs until “Extracting pulp data” and restores the first 50GB.
But than the tar command does nothing anymore.

So I tried to run this command manually:
tar --selinux --extract --file=/mnt/backup/katello-backup-2022-09-06-13-57-52/pulp_data.tar --absolute-names --overwrite --listed-incremental=/dev/null -M --directory=/

Well, tar wants me to replace pulp_data.tar:
“Prepare volume #2 for ‘/mnt/backup/katello-backup-2022-09-06-13-57-52/pulp_data.tar’ and hit return:”

Before I probably destroy my backup, I thought it would be a good idea to ask, if manually moving
the tar files would do the trick.