Foreman on AlmaLinux 8 want to provision Ubuntu 22.04


I have an Almalinux 8 based Foreman server, no Katello
Smart Proxies running on this Foreman Server
DHCP, Logs, Puppet, PuppetCA, TFTP

Installation was done via RPMs and not foreman-installer

I would like to manage Ubuntu 22.04 installs from this foreman as well

The Documentation says I need to Configuring Smart Proxy for Host Registration and Provisioning

These steps use foreman-installer, the issue, and I have dealt with this for years is that since I used RPMs to install running foreman-installer breaks the setup on my existing Foreman/Smart proxy server. I had to restore the foreman-proxy configurations from backup as they were overwritten.

From what I understand I need to setup a local installation source for Ubuntu 22.04? Does this need to be a smart proxy based source? If so can this be a completely separate Smart Proxy server? Can it be an https server with the live CD expanded and ISO available? I am able to assign a valid trusted SSL certificate to the host.

Expected outcome:

Install Ubuntu 22.04 from my Alma8 based Foreman / Smart Proxy server