Foreman on EL8 Status Thread

As we start building segments of the code base for el8, we will be tracking the effort here.

Package groups to build:

  • Pulp 3
  • Rails
  • NodeJS
  • Foreman
  • Foreman Plugins
  • Candlepin
  • Katello


We’ve added el8 buildroots. Due do modularity, and how koji deals with them. we had to take advantage of tools epel utilized to flatten modules into regular rpm repos and bootstrap their el8 build environment.

  • el8-build tags need “mock.yum.module_hotfixes : 1” added to enable installing module rpms that aren’t part of a modular repo

Added centos8-devel repo to koji, foreman-nightly-el8-build


It looks like the pki-core module needs to be enabled. It needs to be investigated what the best practice for this is.

Known Issues

  • -devel package availability is not 100%. The centos team is busy populating a “Devel” repo with those packages as they find them. Bugs will need to be filed or +1’ed at to the _unreleased_devel_pkgs category. Mention on the bug that this is needed for foreman + katello building (requested by centos team)