Foreman on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy


I wanted to add support for running Foreman on Ubuntu 22.04 and thought it’d be a good idea to have a checklist, which can also be re-used in the future, on adding new operating systems. The below list is specific for Debian/Ubuntu, but most steps can be translated to EL-based distributions too.

OS provided software

External dependencies

Foreman infrastructure

Foreman Puppet modules

  • the new OS needs to be added to metadata.json of each of our modules (this depends on Puppet Agent being actually available for the OS)

Building packages

Once the “builder configuration” and “enable package building” steps are done, we can start building packages.

  • dependencies
  • foreman


Given that Foreman currently does not support Ruby 3.0 and there are no Puppet packages yet, I don’t expect seeing Foreman on Ubuntu 22.04 too soon. We’ll keep this post updated with details as they arise.