Foreman oVirt 4.5.6 vm deploy failing to power up for QXL video

when deploying to oVirt latest build 4.5.6 created vm’s default to video type QXL, but spice and QXL were deprecated in EL 8.3 and removed from EL 9 therefore host does not power up with error message "unsupported configuration: domain configuration does not support video mode ‘qxl’

Deploy vm from Foreman powers up and deployment is successful

Foreman 3.7.0 with Katello 4.9.1

Foreman ovirt plugin version 3.7.0

oVirt engine 4.5.6 with ovirt-node-ng stream9 4.5.5

have tried many different approaches to try and set the default video to VGA away from QXL but nothing has proved to enable a vm to power up as Foreman is configuring the video to QXL regardless of what options we choose or configure. Per Redhat solution 6955095 the recommendation is to modify existing vm’s xml file using the virsh dumpxml and virsh edit commands to replace the video model type tag to be vga.