Foreman-plugin-overview repository transferred

Previously I already mentioned I made a plugin overview. For me this was very useful to have in doing releases.

I’ve now transferred it to theforeman namespace:

This means the website also changed URL:

I didn’t see a good team to provide access, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any. Let me know if you have thoughts. If you’re interested in helping to maintain it (@iballou perhaps?) then I’d be happy to help you.

As for the future, I would like to expand it. For example it’s incomplete now. I took the plugins that were supported by the installer as a base, but there are more. Some are packaged, some aren’t. Katello isn’t listed now, but obviously a big plugin.

Then there are also other views I’d like to implement. It’s now grouped on main project (Foreman, Smart Proxy and Hammer) but you could also have a view where the topic is taken as a starting point. For example, OpenSCAP has all 3 so that’s what I’d like to see grouped too.

Then there’s the aspect of versions included. I’d base this on packaging. Take what Fedora has as an example (like facter): it’s easy to see which versions are in which releases.

Anyone else who has ideas, this would be a great place to discuss them.


One thing that comes to mind using scc_manager as an example: This is a Katello plugin, as in requires Foreman with Katello. This should probably be made visible somehow, perhaps as its own grouping?


Showing plugin dependencies would be pretty nice. I think much of it would end up being “what requires Katello” or “what only makes sense with Katello”.

This almost works – if use the search bar to look up “openscap” you’ll see 3 links that pop up that send you to either Foreman, CLI, or Smart Proxy. The only issue is that the search result text for each item doesn’t completely make sense.

I’d be happy to help maintain it. I’ll ask around the Katello team too.

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In this specific case we have the information as the installer support is only implemented for Katello scenario. Not sure how easy it is to get from the data, but it would be at least there.