Foreman presence at InstallFest 2018 Prague (volunteer needed)


my proposal for two hours Foreman workshop at InstallFest 2018 in Prague (March 4) was accepted.

In the workshop, I proposed to run through Foreman installation in a VM and set up for PXE provisioning. :man_facepalming: I know this is a challenge, if you have any tips how to approach this with full class of intermediate Linux users, please tell me. I want this to work in both libvirt and VirtualBox.

Czech universities have premium internet connection usually with local Linux mirrors, but the problem is usually poor wifi connection (the crowd kills it). Therefore I am currently thinking about pre-installed CentOS 7 image with Foreman with installer not yet executed. This way I can avoid lengthy OS installation. If I request libvirt/VirtualBox network without DHCP to be present prior launching, it should be doable. For smooth installation experience, I will also need to create local CentOS mirror of a repository. This will make the image bigger on the other hand.

Do we have a sack of USB3 flash drives for such workshops? Maybe this could be good time to get some. After my workshop we could stick helmet on it and use it as premium swag (best question of a talk and similar).

If you plan visiting InstallFest 2018 get in touch with me, more hands for helping folks with installation and setup would be appreciated.

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