Foreman Proxy, DHCP, No Subnet detected

I’m updating dhcp install and implemented a new config setup for our foreman systems to use. In theory the design is exactly the same as before (we’ve moved subnet/hosts to include) but obviously it’s not. Currently when I attempt to build I get the following error when I submit a new host build.

D, [2018-10-26T18:00:44.522666 4238911c] DEBUG -- : No Subnet detected for: (Proxy::DHCP::Error)

That subnet is configured in DHCP and in Foreman.

I’m attempting to figure out where foreman/foreman-proxy is getting that information… how is it asking/etc so I can do it manually and figure out what is up. Can someone direct me to that?

We run foreman 1.16 on Centos 7.4.

So this seems to be related to dhcpd and not liking includes within shared-network {}'s.

shared-network net09-shared { 
 include "/etc/dhcp/subnets/"; 
 include "/etc/dhcp/subnets/"; 
 include "/etc/dhcp/subnets/"; 

Just wanted to follow up with information. Right now I’m just not doing that (previously I was including the subnets within the shared-network, now I just copy/paste that data from those included files. Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional with dhcpd…