Foreman Recurring Logic: update action


One of our recurring logic action has a typo, i’d like to correct it, but I did not find where the actions are defined.
The interface does not have any options and the rake console only allows to update this fields:

=> ForemanTasks::RecurringLogic(id: integer, cron_line: string, end_time: datetime, 
max_iteration: integer, iteration: integer, task_group_id: integer, state: string, 
triggering_id: integer, purpose: string)

I tried looking into the database but did not find the actions definition on any of the tables with suggestive names.

Does anyone knows how to change this? Or do I really need to create new Recurring Logics?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Where does it have a typo?

The command is

yum update -y & tracer --hooks-only; if [ $? == 104 ]; then shutdown -r 1 ; fi
instead of
yum update -y && tracer --hooks-only; if [ $? == 104 ]; then shutdown -r 1 ; fi

Just recreate it. While changing it is technically possible, I don’t think anyone ever did that before and I’m not sure how many dragons you’d run into if you did that.

If that was not enough to deter you, then you’re looking for things in template_invocation_input_values that are linked to a template_invocations where host_id IS NULL, but ymmv.