Foreman release 1.3 plan (Oct 4)


it is my honor to announce that foreman 1.3 release date is scheduled to
October the 4th 2013. Here is the full plan:

Sep 13 RC1
Sep 20 RC2
Sep 27 RC3
Oct 4 GA

Foreman version 1.2 is a really solid release and it sets a high
standard we will be trying to outperform. From the roadmap page [1] you
can see we will be working on various features:

  • another round of refactoring for Ruby on Rails 3.X
  • improving libvirt, VMWare and EC2 support
  • custom fields for hosts
  • removing Puppet from core dependencies
  • more features yet to be included
  • and few bugs fixed of course

The 1.3 release will be very first release with a codename. Please vote
on this etherpad page until end of next week Friday the 12th.

[1] -

I am the release nanny, if you have issues with package dependencies,
repositories or installer, feel free to ping me on channels.

··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman