Foreman release meeting 2023-03-29

Present: @ekohl (chair / notes), @cintrix84, @Zhunting, @lfu

Foreman 3.7

@ekohl to post the schedule

Foreman 3.6

Foreman 3.5

Katello 4.9

  • Looking for a release manager. Possibly @iballou

Katello 4.8

Katello 4.7

  • No updates

Katello 4.6

  • No updates


  • @ekohl to find a timeslot on Mondays, as agreed on last time.

Could Bug #35578: NetPlan templates broken when using Dual Stack environments - Foreman also be considered for backporting to 3.5.3? At the moment Ubuntu Autoinstall fails because of the nameserver without address when trying to apply netplan.