Foreman release team meeting 2023-04-05

Present: @ekohl (chair/notes), @cintrix84, @lfu, @iballou

Foreman 3.7

Foreman 3.6

  • Looks stable
  • @ekohl to add apidocs

Foreman 3.5

  • 3.5.3 planned; @iballou will take the lead to practice for 3.7.0-rc2. Planned for early next week, after Easter.

Katello 4.9

  • @iballou offered to take on as release owner, but someone else might take over when @iballou does Foreman 3.7 work due to time constraints. @cintrix84 will discuss in his team.

Katello 4.8

Katello 4.7

  • No updates


  • AI: @ekohl to find a new meeting time on Mondays
  • AI: @ekohl to make sure people have the permissions needed
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