Foreman removes IPv6 address on host


we are currently configuring machines for IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, but without without reinstalling the machines.

The plan was to configure the IPv6 address on each host in Foreman and modify the interface configuration on the host via Puppet.
As the IPv6 address is part of the ENC output, it is possible to access this information and update the interface configuration.

However, once the Puppet agent is invoked, the IPv6 address is removed from the host definition in Foreman.
The fact import mechanism probably removed the IPv6 from the host in Foreman, as no IPv6 related network facts are included.
As the ENC output no longer contains the IPv6 address, we can not configure the IPv6 address :frowning:

Of course we could set "Ignore Puppet facts for provisioning" to true, but this has other downsides.
Is this a bug/feature of the fact importer of Foreman?


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