Foreman rsync server offline - status?

Problem: The Foreman rsync server (rsync:// has been offline for almost two weeks.

Expected outcome: Successfully connect to replicate repos for offline installation and updating in an airgapped environment.

Foreman and Proxy versions: N/A

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: N/A

Distribution and version: N/A

Please see Sunsetting

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I missed that notice. Thanks for the knowledge. I’ll test with reposync, but I’ll miss rsync. More flexible IMHO.

Also, if there is ever a discussion of providing a new rsync offering, please keep me posted. I pull these updates from a Windows host with Internet connectivity using a port of rsync requiring no additional installed software, but using the other methods will now require me to build and maintain a Linux VM for the sole purpose of repo replication, whether it be through dnf reposync or an installation of Foreman. Thanks for all that you do to provide Foreman as it helps me greatly in the maintaining of my environment.