Foreman smart proxy install help

Hi all

We are in the middle of building Foreman 3.2 with Katello 4. The main server is built with software running, just needs configuring. We’ve created 3 smart proxy machines for each data centre and I’ve noticed the instructions say to install foreman-proxy-content:(Installing an External Smart Proxy Server 3.2)

This package is only available from the katello repo from what I can see and there’s no mention of adding any repos at this point, unlike previous versions where we did.

The instructions do say to add the proxy as a client (content host is optional), so can someone pls confirm if this is the only way to do it? It’s not very clear


I don’t know where it says it must be a client.

What other way do you expect? You need access to the repositories to install the packages. Either you register the host to the foreman server using synced content from there or you set up repositories directly…,2.1.%20Registering%20to%20Foreman server,-Use%20this%20procedure
^ this section says to register it first. it then skips on to the next section which is to install the proxy software, which you can’t do without the correct repos in place.
Even if you register it as a client, you’d then need to add the repos as a product and sync. none of this is mentioned.

I have managed to get it all working by adding the same 4 repos needed on the master, then installing the proxy content, creating the tar on the master as usual, copying it over and connecting.
All looks good now

Found the content proxy installation documentation also very confusing. It was like whoever wrote it never tried to follow it. I ended up following the Foreman Katello server instructions for the proxy all the way until the foreman-installer command for that instruction, Then added all Foreman repos to Foreman. Then installed subscription-manager + foreman client repo + katello-host-tools katello-host-tools-tracer packages on the proxy. Download the katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm from Foreman, registered the proxy with subscription-manager, created the certs on foreman and copied to the proxy and then ran the foreman-installer on the proxy. After that added the Foreman repos to the proxy and setup remote execution. Then edit the proxy in foreman deciding Download policy and Lifecycle Environments to sync

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