Foreman Survey 2019 - planning

The end of the year approaches, and with it the usual things to think about for the annual community survey :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be tweaking the format, but only slightly as I don’t want to destroy any hope of compating data to previous years. That’s on me - what you need to do is tell me what topic areas are of interest this year…

Last year we had 55 questions (all optional) with a median of 44 questions answered (mainly it ranges from 39 to 47 - no-one answered all 55). That tells me we should cut back a bit. Some thoughts:

  • Do we have too much overlap with our “free text” questions? There are quite a few along the lines of “What’s important to you?”, “What should we work on next?”, “Any comments?” etc.
  • Are there questions which should be combined / separated (looking at you, Hardware Details…)
  • (One for @daviddavis & @bmbouter) Given Pulp’s community is growing, do they want to do their own survey? Would save us some space :slight_smile:

These were the top ten least answered questions (out of 164 responses):

Question Answers
Any other contributing comments 7
Any comments or suggestions you’d like to make about the API 14
Any other feedback about our support and documentation 23
Any comments or suggestions you’d like to make about Hammer 23
What s your biggest problem blocker with contributing to Foreman that we need to solve 27
Do you have any additional comments or special requests: What pain points should be addressed 39
Do you use any Smart Proxy plugins 57
Which of the following content types would you manage with Katello if it supported them 92
What expansion plans do you have for Foreman in the next year 94
Rate the following activities where applicable for ease of use: Getting feedback on code designs & new ideas 97

I think we can streamline the Hammer and API sections now, those numbers haven’t shifted much - certainly the freetext questions can go. Similarly we can cleanup the Proxy and Katello parts a litttle. That should give us space for at least a few new areas to ask about.

I’ll be writing this in early January, so get your suggestions in by then :slight_smile:

This post is a wiki where we can crowdsource some changes we’d like to see:

  • Find out about usage level for “Unattended: false” in the config file, which we’d like to drop
  • Maybe a Yes/No or 1-5 rating for various pages to assess how used various features are?
    • Must be kept lightweight, survey is already long…

What kind of Pulp questions were you asking in previous years of the survey or what Pulp questions were you considering? Pulp does have its own community survey. We did it in 2017 and are planning on doing it again soon.

It was part of the “Content” section of the survey, you can see this year’s results here (scroll down a little, I don’t have a hyperlink for every heading)

These questions were added a while back at Pulp’s request, so if you’re already doing your own thing, I guess it’s safe to drop these? We’d presumably want some content-related questions for @katello anyway, which might tie in.

Yea, that’s fine I think.

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The survey is now ready to go, it’s been reviewed by @tbrisker and we’ve had input from the @ui_ux team for new questions on that area. The rest of the changes are mostly cosmetic - the changes mentioned above are made, the rest is just tidying. Look out for the link on the Announcements / Blog / Twitter / Website shortly :smiley:


Did some questions removed in this? I presume the content related questions are still valuable to both pulp and katello and stayed in. I looked at the questions and didn’t see any that seemed obvious to remove.

Indeed, no. I had a look through for Pulp-specific stuff from last year (which I thought we had) but it was all Katello-centric, so I left it in.

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