Foreman Ubuntu Netboot problem

I am trying to setup a netboot provisioning of Ubuntu 22.04 using the livecd.iso mount but I seem to be having an issue with establishing a network connection on the boot. During the boot process the server waits for net0 for 180 secs but it doesn’t seem to connect. Then it has an issue downloading the ISO since it cannot establish a network connection. See screen capture below. I need help in determining what I am doing wrong.

Expected outcome:
PXE boot doesn’t mount the ISO

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky Linux 8.9

Other relevant data:

There appears to be a space in the URL, which will not work (between your server name and the :443). You need to check your template to see if you accidentally included a space. It’s possible a space was also introduced when you configured your URL for the ‘media’.

My template uses this:

http://<%= @preseed_server %><%= @preseed_path %>

which renders to this:

…as an example.

I censored that image to hide my real domain from the post. The actual error doesn’t have any spaces. I think my probelm seems to be that my foreman server is using https and the URL is using http. I tried to update this in the template but it didn’t seem to update.

Finally made some progress on this one. I noticed that the cause of my issue was related to the interface net0 not getting an IP. When I checked my IP status in intrams I saw the interface was taking on ens18 as an interface name. So I provisioned a new host and on the interface page I set Device Identifier to ens18 and identifier uner Nic to net0. This allowed me to load the iso via the network and begin the install process. Normally I would leave the Device Identifier blank but this seems to require an extra step to make it function.

Hope this helps someone else.