Foreman version

Which first foreman version support cloudinit and ubuntu22 natively?

Hi @asizalt

cc @bastian-src on Ubuntu 22.04 provisioning using Autoinstall.

Support for downloading and extracting the image is not there, this is still a manual step. I also opened Feature #36027: Provide also /pub with Foreman only for Ubuntu Autoinstall - Foreman to have a location to share it out-of-the-box.

But the templates should be there to make it work after this step with 3.4. (I can only confirm it works with 3.5 as I never tested on 3.4)

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I think it was 3.4, however if you’re installing/upgrading already, I’d recommend getting the newest (3.5 at the time of writing)

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I’ve also created this issue (and respective ones for smart-proxy, foreman-packaging, and puppet_foreman-proxy):

It aims on extending foreman-proxy to allow it downloading and extracting ISO images.
All issues have PR attached which are ready to review.

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