Foreman-vmware: how to set dhcp automatic (non static) in user_data file (vsphere)?

Good evening together,

i set up foreman with foreman-vmware to deploy windows hosts in vsphere by
follwing this guide:

Its very hard for me to edit the user_data file, because iam not fully
understand der vmware Customization specs.

For example:

the user_data file is using the Network Configuration to set it static in
Windows. How i can change static to non static ? I dont want to have static
settings on my windows hosts.
Is it possible to change this in the user_data file? I see that the network
adapter is configured by these settings:


  • adapter:
    dnsDomain: <%= @host.domain %>
    - <%= @host.subnet.dns_primary %>
    - <%= @host.subnet.gateway %>
    ip: <%= @host.ip %>
    subnetMask: <%= @host.subnet.mask %>
    • <%= @host.subnet.dns_primary %>
    • <%= @host.domain %>

but i dont know how to make it different. The Customization Specs
Reference from VMWare is not very helpful by this.

Iam thanksful for any help

best regards