Foreman web interface <-> OS -> interface pairing issues


So I have a VM with 2 interfaces:
ens32 - which is the provision interface (private)
ens33 - which is the primary interface (public)

I configure them upon host provisioning in Foreman, everything works great,
I launch the operation and it fails oh the archive mirror step. Why?
Because it can't reach the local Foreman repo. Why? Because it has no
connectivity. Why?
When I check in the VM console, inside the operating system:

ens32 - should be the provision interface. It's not… It has the public IP
of the primary interface (ens33) which I configured in Foreman.
ens33 - has nothing configured on it?!

Both networks have different VLANs and ens33 should be able to communicate
with the local Foreman repo.

I'm using Ubuntu 17.04 as an operating system.

Do you have any ideas how to overcome or fix this issue?