Foreman with isc-dhcp-server

hello everyone.
i’m so glad that meet this powerful app.
i’m very new to foreman.
to provisioning os on my bare metal case that exist in my network . i want ot install isc-dhcp-server on my ubuntu server 20.04 that act as my foreman smart-proxy. how can i configure that isc-dhcp server to support pxe , tftp , and bmc (to manage systems power) on my foreman smart-proxy ?
could you please help me or send me a good guid link to help me use that


you can use foreman-installer for the. While the official docs for this are currently only part of the Katello documentation, you can adapt this to fit Foreman without Katello. Just drop --scenario katello from the example commands provided.
For BMC support, you might want to take a look at this section.
I have not a lot of experience with ISC DHCP and none with BMC stuff, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask more :slight_smile: Maybe I or someone else will be able to help.