foreman without puppet

Hello, I wanted to use the foreman without any recourse to the puppet and I wanted to add salt or ansible, I happened to try this installation but without success because it seems to me that for many functions the foreman is dependent on the puppet, it is like this or I am doing something bad?

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I tried to do the same and someone had mentioned that it’s not possible at this time since there is a dependency on Puppet.

There are two parts to this, depending on what you are trying to achieve exactly without puppet (sorry if i misread your original question):

  1. Installation - The installer provided by foreman is dependent on puppet, as it uses puppet modules to configure the various services required for running a foreman instance. It is possible to install foreman without using the installer, however that requires you to handle all of the various configurations needed to make all the services talk properly to each other. I think there was an effort of an ansible based installer at a certain time, but I’m not sure where and at what level of matureness that project is.
  2. Using puppet from inside foreman for managing hosts. Currently, all of the puppet-related code is part of foreman core, due to historic reasons mainly. There is an ongoing effort to split the coupling to allow completely disabling puppet or extracting it to a plugin, but it has not completed yet. However, you do not have to use this feature in foreman at all (there are plenty of users who do not), and you can safely add the salt and/or ansible plugins to allow using those solutions instead. You will still see puppet related menus and options in some places, but you can just ignore them.

This is my question I do not want to have any dependency on the pupppet because the ansible or salt loses any interest, I just wanted to be able to choose between puppet, ansible, salt or chef, I already tried the various plugins but for any installation I have to do things in puppet and then in the plugin I have … the separation of the puppet seems to me a good way to give the user possibility to choose which tool uses for configuration

Thank you for your information.