Foreman3.9: unable to install the plugin of foreman_host_extra_validator

**Problem:unable to install the plugin of foreman_host_extra_validator

**Expected outcome:See "Host Extra Validator on tabs manual in setting

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:3.9
Does foreman3.9 still support the plugin of foreman_host_extra_validator?
Could someone test? Thank you

My result is failed and the command listed below:
yum install rubygem-foreman_host_extra_validator -y
systemctl restart foreman

My server OS is Almalinux 8

I think this was fixed, but there is no release with the fix.

Can you try to apply the patch and report back if it fixes the problem? If yes, I would try to ping someone who can do a release and I can do packaging afterwards.

Hi @Dirk
Sorry, I am not familiar with the patching, could you advice on the procedure of patching? Thank you

As it is just one line you can do it manually by editing /usr/share/gems/gems/foreman_host_extra_validator-0.2.1/db/migrate/20220923181701_fix_extra_validation_settings_category_to_dsl.rb and add if column_exists?(:settings, :category) to the line 3, afterwards you should be able to successfully run foreman-rake db:migrate.

I found a guide which looks good at HowTo Apply a Patch File To My Linux / UNIX Source Code - nixCraft explaining the patch command. This could be helpful in the future if a more complex fix needs to be applied.

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Hi @Dirk ,
Thank you very very much, it works.

Issue asking for a new release: Release needed to be compatible with Foreman again · Issue #13 · theforeman/foreman_host_extra_validator · GitHub

Release done, Packaging in nightly done, Backport to 3.8 and 3.9 are currently running tests, so I hope the fixed version is available soon via packages!

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