Foreman's Jenkins pipeline jobs viewable or in source?

I’ve been trying to get a working Jenkin(s) setup to handle our increasing CI/CD load at my place of work. I tend to learn best from examples. Thus far I’ve been able to do some pretty cool things, but im still blown away when i check the build log(s) test info and other info available on the Foreman Jenkins server(s) for each build.

Are the pipeline job(s) you guys are using available in a git repo somewhere? I do best gleaning knowledge off of working examples, and id be really interested in looking at your(s). Specifically how you test against multiple version(s) and display the results intelligently in a 2d matrix…

Are your jenkins pipelines viewable somewhere?

All (or almost all) of our jenkins jobs and pipelines are managed by the jenkins job builder puppet module, which can be found under the foreman-infra repo -
@infra team may be able to share further insights.

Yeah, as Tomer wrote, stuff is in the foreman-infra repo. We currently have a mixture of old matrix jobs, powered by shell scripts and modern pipeline jobs powered by Jenkinsfiles. I would suggest only to look at the pipeline ones - and even then I’d not guarantee that we’re following all best practices at the moment.

We’re using jenkins-job-builder for the actual deployment of the config, so when you look at the various job definitions, you’ll see that they refer to multiple Groovy files, many of them are library-like and usually just one defines the actual pipeline steps.

Please ping if you need more details :slight_smile: