Foremans' way forward/future

Hi guys,
I have just deployed a Foreman 2.5 and i have noticed that Foreman no longer comes with default Katello. Katello is now bundled as a plug in as a separate installation.

I was using Foreman 1.9/2.0 previously about a year half ago and this came as a big surprise. I might have missed out on some of the news regarding why Foreman has decided to separate Katello out.
I tried googling for news of such but came up short.

I have 2 questions here with Foremans’ way forward

  1. My guess would be Foreman is now focusing primarily on Provisioning Infra & Infra Management rather than being patch centric utilizing Katello.
    Is that right? Is there a place/article where i can read more on this about?
  2. Will this be the same when Satellite adopts it? Satellite has always been known of being a patch management, having Katello as a additional plug in kind of changes that perspective entirely

Hey @winowa

I wonder when you first installed Foreman did you follow the Katello instructions and not realise that they were always separate.

When you install Satellite, Katello comes as part of the installation, but with Foreman it is a choice that you need to make at the installation point and you cannot add Katello at a later stage.

There has been no change that split Foreman and Katello into separate installations.
Content management workflows will remain a part of Satellite. Many people use Foreman with Katello for content management. :slight_smile: I suspect that is why you could find no blogs or announcements!

All the best,