Forklift running on a remote server


I am trying out Forklift, so far I was only using my own setups + production installs. I have a problem.

I installed new katello box on a remote linux system, now I am trying to figure out how to access the web user interface, but I am running into various issues when I tunnel/proxy ports 80 and 3808. My current solution (ssh forwarding) works for Rails, however webpack generates https://host:3808 links which do not work. I thought that on dev setup it is HTTP only.

Does anyone have a simple solution which allows accessing webui (development setup)?


Maybe to simplify the question: what configuration flag tells webpack how its URL should look like? I want to use HTTP instead of HTTPS and a different hostname?

Is it related to: Katello (maybe Foreman too?) dev server browser error workaround

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I will try, thanks.

The workaround Adam showed me is to compile webpack manually and disable webpack server. This worked for me.

On the katello devel box in forklift you should use HTTPS on port 443 and let Apache reverse proxy for you. So just use and make sure DNS works would be my advice.

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